Music as transformative practice and transcendental empiricism

deleuzeOn the page where I present my PhD project I write that “I use the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze as a theoretical framework for understanding the metamorphosis of consciousness. It will focus on the disjoining and subsequent differential fusing of the various faculties in the encounter with sensibility. This is a transcendental empiricism which is not external to artistic practice; art, according to Deleuze, is precisely about harnessing and sensing those forces otherwise concealed in our perception of the world – forces which are a non-organic life beyond the organism. Life in itself is revealed when we penetrate into the nature of time.”

Lately I have written two essays in which I attempt to present this approach more in depth. These two articles are still drafts, but readers interested in the problematic can read them here on my academia page:

Music as transformative practice in light of Deleuze´s transcendental empiricism

In search of a method – transcendental empiricism and the disjoining of the faculties