About me

My work is centered on a spiritual understanding and practice of music and philosophy as part of the renewal of anthroposophy that springs from the work of Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon. This work leads into a gradual and organic development and transformation of self-consciousness to higher modes of thinking and perception.

I studied piano with prof. Jiri Hlinka and prof. Håvard Gimse in Oslo, and prof. Heide Görtz in Berlin, and I studied philosophy at Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy in London. Presently I am doing a PhD at the Norwegian Academy of Music under the guidance of Erling E. Guldbrandsen (University of Oslo) and Eric Alliez (University of Paris 8). In addition to my research I am co-running the independent printing press Dynamis – and playing piano and clavichord as much as time allows, of course. Especially the clavichord, as that allows me to practice while my daughters are asleep!

I have given concerts in Scandinavia, Great Britain and Germany as soloist, chamber-musician and accompanist, performing at Borealis festival, Spor festival, New Music’s Oslo Chamber-music festival and Weimar Neue Musikfesttage. My repertoar includes contemporary and classical music as well as some of my own material as part of the duo Kōan with Juhani Silvola. I have played with several ensembles (Chamber-chameleons, asamisimasa, NeoN) and performed regularly with Silvia Moi.

My work with meditation, contemplative and spiritual research and practices is based in the works of Rudolf Steiner, and I have studied Anthroposophy with Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon for many years, since 2010 also as part of the Global Event College. The collaboration with Ben-Aharon resulted in the annual Art&Event festival which I co-founded with him and organized as part of GEC between 2011 and 2016.

I live on a peninsula outside Oslo, and work at the Rudolf Steiner University College, and as pianist and organist.

You can reach me at torbjorn.eftestol @ gmail.com