About me

My work is centered on a spiritual understanding and practice of music and philosophy as part of the renewal of anthroposophy that springs from the work of Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon. This work leads into a gradual and organic development and transformation of self-consciousness to higher modes of thinking and perception.

I studied piano with prof. Jiri Hlinka and prof. Håvard Gimse in Oslo, and prof. Heide Görtz in Berlin, and I studied philosophy at Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy in London. Presently I am doing a PhD in Performance Practice at the Norwegian Academy of Music under the guidance of Erling E. Guldbrandsen (University of Oslo) and Eric Alliez (University of Paris 8). In addition to my research I am co-running the independent printing press Dynamis – and playing piano and clavichord as much as time allows, of course. Especially the clavichord, as that allows me to practice while my daughters are asleep!

I have given concerts in Scandinavia, Great Britain and Germany as soloist, chamber-musician and accompanist, performing at Borealis festival, Spor festival, New Music’s Oslo Chamber-music festival and Weimar Neue Musikfesttage. My repertoar includes contemporary and classical music as well as some of my own material as part of the duo Kōan with Juhani Silvola. I have played with several ensembles (Chamber-chameleons, asamisimasa, NeoN) and performed regularly with Silvia Moi.

My work with meditation, contemplative and spiritual research and practices is based in the works of Rudolf Steiner, and I have studied Anthroposophy with Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon for many years, since 2010 also as part of the Global Event College. The collaboration with Ben-Aharon resulted in the annual Art&Event festival which I co-founded with him and organized as part of GEC between 2011 and 2016.

I live on a peninsula outside Oslo, and work at the Rudolf Steiner University College, and as pianist/organist.

You can reach me at torbjorn.eftestol @ gmail.com