Autumn 2017

autumn desktop wallpaper (2)This autumn I will participate in two exciting events:

The Protean Musician conference in Oslo where I will present a paper on the similarities between the consciousness of the performing musician and the faculties developed in higher states of consciousness. Using Schiller´s idea of aesthetics as a transformation of the Kantian polarity between thinking spontaneity and receptive sensibility into an active creative receptivity, a receptive will in thinking and perception, I am going to paint the picture of a Protean musician capable of extracting unexpected profit from her self-investment. Probably with a Deleuzian twist…. (Protean: resembling Proteus in having a varied nature or ability to assume different forms)

The Matrix Explorations in Stuttgart with the Global Event College: What will Reality become, when Virtual Reality becomes real? What will human freedom and creativity EventCollegium2011look like, when we are connected to the power of Artificial Intelligence? Is there a different path? Can we develop our own creative becoming, develop a truly new self that is alive in the real world? Drawing inspiration from the ground breaking movie trilogy „The Matrix“, we will dive into the riddles of our perceptions and ideas. Together with participants we will experiment with some of the technologies for brain-enhancement and virtual reality, available already today. Recognizing that there are opposing forces working to sculpt the future we will aim to bring them to clear consciousness, and, using discussion group activities, artistic exercises and presentations by college faculty, search to awaken to the unknown source of life, new concepts and artistic creation. – For registration contact Gaby Morgenthaler at

Additionally I will record my first solo album on Clavichord, with pieces by Couperin and Bach, on the record label Eighth Nerve Audioklavikordet