Entering the sound: deconstructing experience

A work in Progress, by Ben Grasso

One aspect of working with metamorphosis of consciousness through artistic practice involves experimenting with deconstructing experience, seeing more of how it is glued together. Loosening up these ties, experience becomes more fluid, and bodies more event-like. We move from “having” perceptions, to entering sensations, to becoming one with forces. In a research colloquium in 2015 I presented a sketch of three levels of creative-constructive deconstruction, and some exercises of how to work with it meditatively through listening – suggesting also how many modern composers (in this case Morton Feldman) can be seen as doing this in and through their music. This approach was also explored artistically in a concert installation I did back in 2008 using the music of Morton Feldman as well as small paintings as musical and visual meditation in a gallery close to the sea, simultaneously broadcasting the sound to the lighthouse tower. The working-paper can be read here: Exercises and reflections on listening and “deconstruction” of experience and a clip from the concert-installation can be seen here